With a new concept, often come loads of questions. We’d love to answer as many as we can! Here are a few, but please contact us directly for more answers.

Can a Family Nurse Practitioner refer me to any clinic in town if I need additional care?

Absolutely! We, at Stellar Healthcare, are dedicated to getting you the best care you can receive. We are not locked into any healthcare provider in town and are happy to refer you to any clinic or specialty care needed.

Does a Nurse Practitioner have the authority to write out prescriptions?

Yes. A Nurse Practitioner has the authority to delegate samples, write prescriptions and call in prescriptions to your favorite Pharmacy.

Can I come to see Melissa for all my prenatal care?

Melissa sees prenatal patients until they are 20 weeks, then refers them to an OB/GYN, but can continue to see them for episodic concerns. They can also do the post partum visit and well baby checks starting when they leave the hospital.

Will my insurance provider cover a private Nurse Practitioner?

Yes! Be sure to investigate your insurance policy, but Stellar Healthcare accepts most insurance coverages and state governed healthcare programs. Click here for a list of accepted insurances. We also accept self pay. 

How soon can I get in for an appointment?

For illnesses you can usually get in the same day you call or within the next day.

What is the difference between being seen by a NP vs. my local physician?

A Nurse Practitioner can do the same thing as most physicians. Melissa Erdmann was trained on a comprehensive model including caring for the holistic person. So, that means that she is trained to treat physical, emotional and the mental aspects of a person and she takes a great deal of time to incorporate all these pieces into her practice.

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