Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

We have a lab in our clinic and are able to get our lab results in a timely manner. This allows us to share results, give advice, recommendations, and information promptly to our patients.

BRACA/Myraid My Risk
We offer the genetic screening test for BRACA and My risk, which is a blood test to help determine if a person carries the genetic link to some type of cancers. In order to perform this test, a questionnaire is completed to determine eligibility for the blood test.

Millennium PGT test
We offer genetic testing that is a swab from the mouth that only needs to be done once in a lifetime. This test helps us determine which medications, especially medications for mental health, are the best options to optimize maximum health.

Birth Control
We counsel on birth control options and help you decide which option is the best option for you. We are familiar with all options available and will assist you in making the best decision for you.

In addition to the prescribed methods, we also offer the following:

We are able to insert the Mirena/Sklya IUD which is an option to be used for birth control, or period control. For more information if this is the right option for you, contact us at your convenience.

We are able to insert the implantable Nexplanon in the arm. For more information if this is the right option for you,contact us at your convenience.

Skin lesions
We do simple biopsies in the clinic that may include skin tag removal, biopsy of a mole or other lesion and wart removal. We send pathology on the lesions and proper after care or referrals are made accordingly.

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